Office Essentials | Docs for Microsoft Office 365 Recenzje App

My bad

Does not work with my new Mac Book Pro

Man, I got….GOT total trash do your homework!

dammit what a waste of money


I was going fast and thought this was a microsft product it isn’t. scam


This is a complete scam. Just wasted $30 FOR NOTHING


I dont have so much to say about this . I just trashed 30 box for nothing. try another better options. this is only like a fake mirror of a totally diferent product.

Do Not Waste Your Money.

This is absolutely ridiculous that they charge $30 for an online version of these programs. If you are a student your university most likely provides this for free. If you actually want these programs and for them to be on your computer I suggest to use bootcamp. This is insane and not worth the money. Such a rip off!

This app is nothing of what it say. Don’t download. WASTE OF MONEY

Unless you have a Microsoft account it gives nothnig that works or more that you would not have by connecting to Office 365 via your browser.

Don't download this one, terrible app!

I have been using my mac to write papers for years. I need a powerful app to accomplish my work. I usually use google drive, but I have always missed many words feature. When I found this app, my plan was try out the app and then recommend my dad to switch this app. I am so glad I did not do that. After many hours of work the app crashed. When I reopened it the final draft of my paper had disappeared. This document saved under my recent documents, but every time I try to open it the all says it's has been deleted. That means hours before the assignment is due, all my work is gone. I am just glad that I did not suggest this terrible app to my dad. I am extremely frustrated about all the work I have to redo. So disappointed and angry !


Isnt even the the real program…downloaded it and it only lets me save on One Drive. If i want the package for my device i have to download and pay AGAIN. Heed my advice, do NOT download this app if you want to spend your money on a good investment. this isnt it.


I paid $40 dollars and there is not even a way to edit microsoft documents. I clicked on the document I needed to edit and it poped up in a window and said “edit with microsoft” so I clicked that and it said I dont have microsoft on the computer! This is useless and there is a free version of this on their website.

does not load a waste of money

Purchased the program after just having been to the Apple store genius bar to upgrade my operating system to OS X 10.9 which should have been correct according to the compatibility listed on the specs of this program. It would not load. Useless does not load and there fore is a waste of money.

Terrible app

This product should not even be sold. It does not at all function or have all of the options of regular MS software. It is a total rip-off.


This app is not what it says it is. See previous review. DO NOT BUY.

Not what it is advertised.

I have been a 25+ year user of Office. I love Office. I love Word, Excel, PowerPoint, all of it. I hate this product. It is advertised as a fully featured, downloadable to your devices but that doesn’t include the Macbooks. I works fine if you are creating entirely new documents but don’t try to edit previous documents especially with tables! Yuk.

My bad

Does not work with my new Mac Book Pro


It does not state that you can only use this online. To work offline you have to pay more. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Not what I thought I was buying

Not sure if this app is any good, but it definitely wasn’t what I thought I was purchasing. It appears to only work in the cloud and requires that you log in and send what you are working on out to the cloud.

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